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Church History

History of the Plantation Seventh-Day Adventist Church


Starting on October 7, 1972 a 30 day revelation lecture was given by C. Dale Brusett a Television evangelist from Andrews University at the Parker Playhouse (707 N.E. 8th street Ft. Lauderdale). The total baptisms for the series of lectures were about 185 souls for the Lord and those new members were divided through different churches in the area. 

Some of those new members with others formed the Plantation Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church which was chartered on December 23, 1972, with a membership of approximately 58 individuals.  

December 1972- June 1974

·        Pastor George Gantz (1972-1974), our first pastor, led these members for two years at the St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church in Plantation.

·        In 1973, the decision was made to purchase the land for a new church building.

·        Also, in 1973 the Plantation SDA Church, along with the Fort Lauderdale SDA Church, entered into a joint venture to build a school now known as the Sawgrass Adventist School.

July 1974- July 1979

·        George Green (1974-1976), our second pastor, continued diligently with the new church/school building fund until July 1976.

·        The ground breaking ceremony for the Sawgrass Adventist School took place on November 3, 1976, under the leadership of Clarence Pillsbury (1976-1979) our third pastor.

·        In August 1977, church services moved from the St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church into the newly constructed Sawgrass Adventist School Gymnasium.

July 1979- March 1996

·        William Webb (1979-1984), our fourth pastor, continued working toward the new church building fund.

·         Dave Cress (1984-1987) our fifth pastor, worked toward the preparation of the church building.

·        The ground-breaking ceremony for our present church building site took place on April 2, 1989 under the leadership of Pastor Tim Nichols (1987-1996), our sixth pastor.

·        May 19, 1990, Plantation held its first service in their newly constructed home. 

October 1996- till present

Our current Pastor Michael Cabana has been leading our church here are some highlights under his leadership:  

·        Introduced the “Spiritual Body Building” Series

·        Led the burning of our mortgage on January 29, 2005

·        Introduced Small group ministry

·        Implemented multiple ministries (about 57 +) including:

o   Hope ministry

o   Prayer ministry / Aaron and Hur 

o   Praise and Worship etc…

·        Plantation membership now exceeds 500  

Plantation SDA Church is an outreach church to the community communicating the love of Jesus Christ.  Plantation’s creed is, “People Building People for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.”  Our doors are open and come as you are.

All pastors and their wives

1.    George Gantz December 1972-June 1974 (Wife: Elmerine Gant)

2.    George Green July 1974-July 1976 (Wife: Peggy Green)

3.    Clarence Pillsbury July 1976-July 1979 (Wife: Anita Pillsbury)

4.    William Webb July 1979-September 1984 (Wife: Sharon Webb)

5.    Dave Cress September 1984-January 1987 (Wife: Lynn Cress)

6.    Tim Nichols April 1987-March 1996 (Wife: Shiree Nichols)

7.    Michael Cabana October 1996-September 2010 (Wife: Sharon Cabana)

Alex Schlussler September 2010-Present (Wife: Angie Schlussler)

Special Thanks to:

James Merrifield – Building Architect

Michael Oliver – Landscape Architect

Stephen William – Site Engineer

Dalton Tininenko – Project Supervisor

Design Build – Contractors

Two of our original pioneer members still with us today:

  Jack Rieder

           Joanna Rieder              

Partial Charter Original Membership Roll for the Plantation Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Esther R. Barker

O.G. (Jerry) Barker

Jim Barker

Susie Barker

Arthur Becker Sr.

Rhode Becker

Arthur Becker, Jr.

Donna Becker

John O. Blasius

Viola E. Blasius

Evelyn Bradshaw

O’Neal Bradshaw

Charles Brassington

Beryl Brassington

David C. Brassington

Paul Brassington

Scott Brassington

Luella Catalano

Nicasio Catalano

Marianne Closs

Marian Coker

Viola Crooks

Howard Daniels

Mary Daniels

Mary Margaret Daniels

Augustine Desimone

Anna Ingle

Scott Johnson

Amelia L. Manies

Hoyt W. Manies

J. D. Moore

Bertha Moore

Florecnce Nelson

Kay Pastore

Jeff Pastore

Kathrine Pastore

Gina Pastore

Doris Piggins

Adele Plunkett

Ballard Potter

Rose Potter

Alec Pryer

Laura Pryer

David Quin

Connie Ramagli

Douglas Ray

Sharon Ray

Jody Ray

Joanna M. Rieder

John J. Rieder

Diane Smith

Effie Smith

Dorothy J Sowder

Alice Tice

Emile Tolas

Dorothy L Walasyk

Nancy Wilson