Literature Evangelism

Every year, Plantation hosts literature evangelists from across the world.  At the end of the summer, they provide testimonies on how God has used them to spread the gospel through the written word



Title Speaker Date
2018 Testimonial   July 28, 2018
Full Tank  Les McCoy July 28, 2018
2017 Testimonial    
Dare to be a Daniel, Really! Les McCoy July 22, 2017 
2016 Testimonial    
Earth Exodus Basic Instruction Before Leaving Les McCoy July 23, 2016 
2015 Testimonial    
If You Want to Change the World Les McCoy July 18, 2015 
2014 Testimonial    
Oh No! Oh No! Les McCoy July 19, 2014 
Flight Level 350 Les McCoy July 14, 2012
Why Is It You Have Sent Me? Les McCoy July 17, 2010
No Fear, No Shame Les McCoy June 13, 2009
Handicapped   March 12, 2005